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Roger Dodger

Year of production : 2002 Length : 101 Minutes Writer : Dylan Kidd
Certificate : 15 Producers : Anne Chaisson, Dylan Kidd, George Van Buskirk Director : Dylan Kidd
Country of origin : USA    
Starring : Campbell Scot as Roger Also Jesse Eisenberg (as Nick), Jennifer Beals, Elizabeth Berkley and Isabelle Rossellini

Despite being a comedy, there is a lot of valid PUA technique used by Roger. At the same time, he's not a very nice guy. He doesn't just use women, he uses men as well - you can see this in the nasty way he treats his 16-year-old nephew, Nick. Pick - up is really just another way he uses people, perhaps more about power than success with women.

Watch the body language. The heavy drinking and the even heavier smoking portray the underlying lack of confidence under the totally cool exterior. Parallel with the brilliant portrayal of the alcoholic Oskar Schindler in Schindler's List (Liam Neeson). The cigarette and at times the glass are held in a way that appears and is meant to appear cool, yet really is more subconsciously about concealing the face.

USA and Worldwide
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Whilst much of the technique can be included in PU routines, if your underlying character were like that of Roger, I wouldn't really want to know you. And only build on the technique, don't take it as gospel. Roger refers to his abilities and at times demonstrates them, but we only really see his success with his boss - probably based more on blackmail than quality seduction.

Often Roger's seductions start promisingly, but he decides to piss the girl off - making one wonder whether he gets his kicks more from power over the women to hurt them, than progressing to a successful seduction. Sometimes he doesn't even bother to starting with an attempt at seduction, aiming to piss his target off right from the word go.

Campbell Scott's acting is superb, as is much of that by the other cast members. For the fancier of the slightly more mature 30's woman (especially Jennifer Beals as Sophie), there are a number of drop dead gorgeous women, far more the eye candy than the less worldly teens and twenties men often worship.

Thoroughly recommended, both as a highly intelligent comedy and a Pick Up Movie.

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