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PUA Pick Up Artist Books

The Game

Author: Neil Strauss (aka Style)

Written in the style of a novel, this is actually the true story of Neil Strauss who as part of a research commission trained with all the leading teachers to become a Pick Up Artist. In time he became an outstanding practitioner and one of the best teachers himself.

Within the story type format is found frequent and clear explanation of the events. Being written in this style makes it a fascinating read - and as a fully fledged journalist, Neil Strauss certainly should know how to write effectively. You won't want to put it down. The book introduces you to all the themes, a lot of detail on the actual techniques, and all the best author's names to actually get the full details on the techniques featured.

The book comes from an unbiased point of view, revealing the weaknesses and eccentricities of the PU Community as well as the strengths. This will help you to chose how far to become involved and help you to avoid the pitfalls of obsession.

Read this book first to decide how far you wish to get involved, to thoroughly wet your appetite so as to help maintain your enthusiasm, and to give you a good all - round understanding to build upon. There is no finer book on the subject and no better first point of call. Even if you have already read other books, read The Game next before you pick up any more.

The Rules of the Game

Author: Neil Strauss (AKA Style)

This is the follow up to the above, "The Game." A book in two parts, it consists of a series of exercises in part one, followed by a series of diaries based on Neil Strauss's real life experiences in part two. Like The Game, The Rules of the Game draws on his real life experiences, but encourages you to learn from them in a structured way. Ideally you should buy both books, obviously reading them in order. It can be a little hard to find The Game, so given the choice of only one, go for the Rules of the Game. Also highly recommended.


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Dating for Dummies

Obviously not intended specifically for the Pick Up Artist, Dating for Dummies is a general purpose all round book written by a leading expert in human relations aimed at the general dating scene. As such, it can be read by both men and women. It moralises to some extent and is written with the psychologist's / psychiatrist's (I still don't know which is which) point of view with tips such as don't date for at least a year after divorcing. That may be written with the "expert's" belief that by doing so your psychologic condition will be protected, it doesn't do much to serve man's physical need to get his end in.

Like all Dummies book, it is extremely clearly written, has masses of content and is available at an amazing value price. Reading this alongside PUA manuals will help you to see where their position is biased.

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