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PUA Pick Up Artist Movies

Roger Dodger (top recommendation)

Top Gun

Year of production : 1986 Length : 105 Minutes Writers : Jim Cash, Jack Epps Jr.
Certificate : 15 Producers : Don Simpson, Jerry Bruckheimer Director : Tom Scott
Country of origin : USA    
Starring : Tom Cruise as "Maverick" Pete Mitchell Also Kelly McGillis (as Charlotte Blackwood), Val Kilmer, Anthony Edwards and Tom Skerritt

If you make the same mistake as me, over analysing the plot of movies, you'll see the story weaknesses of this movie. For instance, fighter pilots are psychiatrically selected and trained for years to remain dependable in a crisis. Early in this movie we meet one who goes to pieces and can't land his plane because a Russian pilot got missile lock on him (didn't even shoot at him). Sure.

However, the action is superb. I remember when the movie first came out, a friend who had it on video (remember VHS?) and played it really loud on a top class Dolby Pro Logic sound system. Very impressive. So if you want to really appreciate this movie, watch at neighbour - relationship killing noise levels on a top flight (pun intended) sound system. A television would help as well.


USA and Worldwide
UK only


There's a potentially good Pick - Up technique demonstrated. Though this aspect of the movie is limited in scope. What it does show is that to succeed at PU, above all you must work on yourself to strengthen your confidence. Then you can sing to a girl in a bar without bottling out. Just like someone with the confidence to be a fighter pilot would be able to. Tom Cruise also makes good use of his wingman, both in Pick Up (backing for his serenade) and in the air (alright pedantic, he's the navigator in the movie).

Recommended as a Pick Up Movie.


Year of production : 1996 Length : 92 Minutes Writer : Jon Favreau
Certificate : 15
Producers : Victor Simpkins,
Jon Favreau
Director : Doug Liman
Country of origin : USA    
Starring : Jon Favreau, Vince Vaughn, Ron Livingstone, Patrick Van Horn, Alex Desert, Heather Graham and Deena Martin

When Gene Roddenberry invented Star Trek, he designed it to be a foremost example of "multiple tailored effects." It could appeal as adventure, as comedy, as serious Sci-fi, as a children's programme, even as he'd intended it, a wagon train to the stars. There's something of this in Swingers, as its simultaneously a comedy (an intelligent one as well, though less so than Roger Dodger), a PU Movie and a love story. Problem there is the last two are possibly mutually exclusive.

USA and Worldwide
UK only

There's some good PU theory, though a lot they get wrong. Such as they spend too long analysing girls and checking for eye contact rather than just getting on with it and approaching. Problem here is if you're a beginner, you might not spot what's good and what's bad. If you're an expert, you know it already. With that caveat in mind (one of use your intelligence to spot what's right and what isn't), it's of some help to the beginners.

Another example of their inexpert technique was trying to impress girls by pretending to be rich. If the girl is a gold-digger, she's only after the man's money - why pay for it when you can have it for free (almost, anyway). If you're going to pay, find an honourable and honest girl who charges an agreed amount per hour or per service.

I believe these girls are called prostitutes or various euphemisms. If the girl's not a gold digger, then whether you are rich or not will not make any difference (though all worthwhile girls do want you to be hard working and at least not living in poverty).

You're probably screaming I'm missing the point concerning the faults in PU technique portrayed - I'm not. I realise the film is showing them as slightly green PU Artists.

Also the way the various girls in the film respond - so patient and never arguing - is far too much to hope for in the real world, but this is of course a comedy.

Recommended as a Pick Up Movie and an intelligent comedy.
Also recommended for the girls as a romantic comedy.

She's all that

Year of production : 1999 Length : 91 Minutes Writer : R. Lee Flemming, Jr.
Certificate : 12
Producers : Peter Abrams, Robert L. Levy
Director : Robert Iscove
Country of origin : USA    
Starring : Rachel Leigh Cook as Laney Boggs, Freddie Prinze Jr. as Zack Siler, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe as Taylor Vaughan, Anna Paquin as Mackenzie Siler

On reading the blurb I thought this movie might have some PU content. As it is, there's precious little. It is however a good comedy.

Zack does show how you have to be calm and patient and adaptable when setting out to seduce the non - romantically inclined Laney.

USA and worldwide
UK only

For instance, when she won't let him in the house, he thinks laterally by offering to Laney's younger brother to play Sega with him. When she uses the excuse of having to tidy the house to avoid going out, he's got a team waiting out of site to spring clean. When she uses the excuse she's not dressed or made up, Zack's brought a make up artist with him.

Recommended as a good comedy.
Not recommended as a PU Movie.


Year of production : 1995 Length : 91 Minutes Writer : Kevin Smith
Certificate : 18
Producers : James Jacks, Sean Daniel, Scott Mosier
Director : Kevin Smith
Country of origin : USA    
Starring : Shannen Doherty (Rene Mosier), Jeremy London (T.S.), Jason Lee (Brodie Bruce), Claire Forlani (Brandi Svenning), Renee Humphrey (Tricia Jones the 15 year old sex researcher), Priscilla Barnes (Ivannah)
USA and worldwide
UK only

A zany funny movie with some visual gags that left me in stitches.

Almost no PU content. One truism is the bad guy store manager who picks up the protagonist's girl friend on the rebound, as girls who've just split up are "open to solace and suggestion." True, but dangerous. She's possibly emotionally unstable, and her ex-boyfriend might come back for her.

Recommended as a zany comedy. Not recommended as a PU Movie

USA and Worldwide
UK Only

Perfect Opposites

Drew is obviously a cool dude PUA. So watch this film for a few useful technique tips. For instance he never misses an opportunity. When Julia puts an advert on the notice board, he asks her how much she wants for the fridge to try to kick off the conversation. This doesn't work, so to get things moving again later, in the library, he drops a book so everybody looks up in shock at the noise. This gives him the cue to engage her in conversation, looking surprised, "hey, you're the girl selling the fridge, aren't you…"

Drew is good at overcoming the, "I've got a boyfriend" objection. Obviously he can't just accept this, but neither can he be pushy about it. So he coolly tells her, "Tell him to bring someone, we'll make a foursome."

The movie goes on to explore the fact that like many PUA's, he's a genius at the chat up line, but doesn't know how to handle a relationship once he's got one. Watch and learn.

Recommended as a fairly entertaining comedy.
Recommended as a PU Movie,

though like many such films the techniques featured are fairly limited.

Year of production : 2004 Length : 90 Minutes Writers : Matt Cooper, Stewart Zully
Certificate : PG 13
Producers : Stewart Zully, Debra Grieco
Director : Matt Cooper
Country of origin : USA    


Piper Perabo, Martin Henderson, Artie Lange, Jennifer Tilly, Joe Pantoliano

The Forty Year Old Virgin

This is of course a comedy, so some of the happenings with girls don't happen in real life (at least, only very occasionally). For instance, when Andy visits a bar, there's loads more girls there than men (and the girls are all gorgeous). In real life its not every day you see two girls French kissing in a bar either.

Like all good comedy, its an observation of and an exaggeration of real life. What's happened to Andy is what can (and does) happen to real guys if they don't get a handle on life and get out there chasing the girls.

There's good advice here, such as to start easy till you get your confidence (don't immediately go after super models and actresses - you'll only destroy your confidence, but start with the plump, not so pretty, girl next door.

Year of production : 2005 Length : 118 / 133 Minutes (2 versions) Writers : Judd Apatow, Steve Carell
Certificate : 15
Producer : Judd Apatow
Director : Judd Apatow
Country of origin : USA    
In fact, if you've a real confidence issue, start with any girl who doesn't make you feel physically sick and work your way up. Andy comes across in the film as an intelligent man who has no great problems relating to other guys and non-girlfriend material girls.

It's just a few life shattering experiences he's had with girls has completely shattered his ability to relate to women in a seduction situation.

So fairly quickly into his new seduction drive, he's doing pretty well on the conversation front. His poor fashion sense makes him less attractive to girls than he really is, yet once he's saying the right things, he's doing pretty well pretty soon. He's still somewhat nervous with the girls, but despite that is doing quite well. Andy deep down is actually a natural with women, it's his past experiences that has been holding him back.


Steve Carell, Catherine Keener, Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, Elizabeth Banks

USA and Worldwide
UK only
A certain nervousness on the man's part can actually help as the ladies will want to mother you. Add good dress sense to what this character's got and you're off to a really good start.

To put it another way, what a man says and how he presents himself is more important than looks (as opposed to for a girl, where looks matters more). And anyway, for most men, you actually get the looks just by dressing well and presenting yourself well.

The one thing I mark this movie down on is the swearing. I'm not a prude, and some bad language is necessary to such a plot and is funny. In The 40 Year Old Virgin, this particular line of humour is overworked and a little repetitive.

Highly recommended as a very good comedy and a superb PUA movie.

Victim of Love

Starring Pierce Brosnan as Paul Tomlinson, it struck me watching this film that his quizzical look is somewhat like Roger Moore's. At any rate, it was a forgone conclusion that an actor who plays Bond will be good at playing a smooth lady-killer (watch the film to see how literally you can take that).

Described on the sleeve as an "erotic thriller", that's stretching things a bit. Thriller love film would be more accurate. No surprise really, with a 15 Certificate.

The Pick Up content is limited and restricted to near the beginning of the film. As with the Bond Films, you see how his smooth style works - something you can cultivate by speaking well and clearly and studying such actors.

USA and Worldwide
UK Only

The seeming success of the Roger Moore's and Pierce Brosnan's of this world make you wonder if an English accent helps - well, I've got a head start there then.

Year of production : 1998 Length : 92 Minutes Writers : Alison Rosenfeld Desmarais, James Desmarais
Certificate : PG 13
Producer : Bernie Goldman
Director : Jerry London
Country of origin : USA    

One fast seduction method he uses is to touch his intended victim very early after meeting her - but not in a groping factor, you'll just show you're a looser (at least, not till you've built up trust). Instead he wipes spilt cream from her lip, an early intimacy which is


Pierce Brosnan, Jobeth Williams, Virginia Madsen, Georgia Brown, Murphy Cross

intended to shock the seduction forward in its boldness.

Slightly recommended as a moderately good film with some Pick Up content.

I don't buy kisses any more

Non - Americans like I do not know that Kisses are sweets, sorry, candies. Well, I know now.

Year of production : 1992 Length : 112 Minutes Writer : Jonnie Lindsell
Certificate : PG
Producer : Mitchel Matovich
Director : Robert Marcarelli
Country of origin : USA    

In this film the pretty girl initiates the conversation with the boring overweight bloke when she needs to ask when the bus will arrive. There's a good lesson here - don't rely on the girls to

start talking to you, but you could be initiating conversations the same way by asking when the bus or train is due, how to get to the library of if she knows the direction to the Poodle Parlour. It doesn't matter if you already know the answer. Just ask and eventually you'll succeed. At the very least you'll get yourself used to approaching and talking to the ladies.


Jason Alexander, Nia Peeples, Lainie Kazan, Lou Jacobie, Eileen Brennan

USA and Worldwide
UK Only
Next day, Bernie does some researching and finds out where he'll be able to meet Tress again - seems like a sensible idea. She can't avoid him that way and he makes it seem like an accidental encounter. He then progresses the seduction slowly despite the fact he's fallen for her. Not easy doing that when you're as desperate as Bernie must be.

At one point in the bowling alley, where he's not succeeding with Tress, a plain girl offers it to him on a plate with the line, "it's easier to score than you think." He must be mad, he passes up the chance 'cause he's only after the 10. I say start low till you build up your confidence and technique, then go for the tens. Most of the time, going straight for the ultimate prize just leads to frustration.

The movie's got some fairly useful PU pointers, is amusing and is worth watching on both counts.

Recommended as a Pick Up Movie and a good funny comedy

Down with love

Catcher Block is super cool like the Bond 007's. Full of confidence, he's unfazed when his boss says he's fired. This comes from developing confidence and imperviousness to worry. This is certainly the type of trait you need to develop to be a supercharged PUA. There's no real PU content or tips.

Year of production : 2003 Length : 97 Minutes Writers : Eve Ahlert, Dennis Drake
Certificate : 15
Producers : Bruce Cohen, Dan Jinks
Director : Peyton Reed
Country of origin : USA    
The one tip is where he needs to chat up Barbara Novak. He makes sure he's alone next to her in the dry cleaners, seemingly accidentally.

In other words, wherever you find yourself alone next to an attractive girl, why are you missing the opportunity. Why aren't you chatting her up? Just start with normal conversation. Topic? Whatever you're there for. Dry cleaning, groceries, books, goldfish, whatever.

One other important thing to note - Catcher Block is a good dancer.


Renee Zellweger, Ewan McGregor, David Hyde Pierce, Sarah Paulson, Rachel Dratch, Jeri Ryan

USA and Worldwide
UK Only

One mystery. The DVD sleeve reads, "Language - none, Sex / Nudity - some moderate innuendo, Violence - none, Other - none. So, why's it got a 15 Certificate?

Quite a funny film, but little PUA content.

Recommended as a funny movie,
slightly recommended as a PUA movie.


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